PeptiStar Inc., ペプチスター株式会社

Peptide CDMO



PeptiStar is a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) for peptide APIs, from traditional peptides to constrained peptides including macrocyclic and stapled peptides containing non-natural amino acids. PeptiStar is a technology-based company that provides its customers with high value-added services through its innovative manufacturing technologies.

ペプチスターは、一般的なペプチド原薬から非天然アミノ酸を含んだ環状構造の特殊ペプチド原薬まで、幅広いペプチド原薬の研究開発・製造を行うCDMO(Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)です。製造技術のイノベーションを通じた高付加価値の製造サービスを提供します。


The mission of PeptiStar is to deliver innovation in peptide manufacturing. PeptiStar develops robust synthetic processes through continuous innovation in manufacturing technology, covering products from all stages of the product lifecycle from drug discovery through commercial. In addition, we conduct analytical method development as well as qualification and validation studies in support of API release. PeptiStar develops competitive processes by taking advantage of its accumulated capabilities and technologies.


HQ R&D Building



PeptiStar manufactures peptide APIs from non-GMP to cGMP grade, for peptide products over a wide range of stages from drug discovery to commercial. PeptiStar employs a wide range of technologies (details in Technology) in the manufacture of a wide variety of peptides from conventional to constrained peptides. PeptiStar has assembled a wide range of manufacturing technologies that it can leverage to supply high quality peptide pharmaceuticals.


HQ R&D Building


Manufacturing Buildings 1 & 2