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Company Name
PeptiStar Inc.
September 1, 2017
[Headquarters] 2-5-1 Mishima, Settsu, Osaka, Japan 566-0022
[本社] 〒566-0022 大阪府摂津市三島2-5-1
President & CEO
Yutaka Kameyama (Ph.D)
亀山 豊
Major Business
Contract Development and Manufacturing of Peptides


Yutaka KameyamaYutaka Kameyama (Ph.D) President&CEO
亀山 豊 代表取締役社長

PeptiStar Inc. was founded with the mission to garner top level technologies developed in Japan to manufacture various peptides efficiently and with high quality in a state-of-the-art facility. We are an R&D focused CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) that proactively face difficult challenges through continuous efforts in innovating our technology. PeptiStar is focused not only in organic chemistry or optimizing synthesis technology from process chemistry perspective, but in physical chemistry and chemical engineering technologies, and our pursuit of innovation spans all processes including purification, solidification, and drying and not only in the synthesis process. We will continue our technology innovation, hoping to help patients by delivering pharmaceuticals that were difficult to introduce to the market in the past due to reasons like “efficacy is good, but manufacturing is difficult and/or too costly.” Our company has a coherent production system to handle production from non-GMP samples all the way up to cGMP commercial production and therefore, it is possible to manufacture high quality products by solving challenges that come up during the scale-up stage. We continue to hone our skills as a peptide CDMO that our clients can rely from the development phase. We look forward to serving to your needs.


Shinichiro FujiieShinichiro Fujiie Director, Member of the Board
藤家 新一郎 取締役

I have been involved with the company since its launch with an aspiration to create “a new structure that surpasses the traditional boundaries of an enterprise in order to revitalize the Japanese healthcare industry.” Now that we are at the start point, I am realizing again that PeptiStar is a company filled with peoples’ hopes and expectations.
Although CDMO is not in the limelight of healthcare industry, it is a critical component of the value chain indispensable for delivering solutions to a wide patient base. We strive to break out of mold of traditional practices in order to grow the peptide API manufacturing as a technology that Japan can be proud of. We look forward to serving your needs.


Yasuhisa AdachiYasuhisa Adachi (PhD) Director, Member of the Board
安達 弥永 取締役

The founding members of PeptiStar converged in Osaka with a strong passion to “deliver innovative peptide pharmaceuticals to the world from Japan.” Thanks to all the support we received, we were able to conduct the completion ceremony of our HQ, research lab and factory on July 11 of this year and started a full-fledged operation. By listening and responding carefully to clients’ needs with the end result of improving the QOL of their global patient base, we will pursue the innovation around peptide pharmaceutical manufacturing by realizing timely and stable supply of high-quality products with cost competitiveness. As a CDMO that pulled together the essence of Japanese technology, we will continue the challenge of delivering high quality API. We look forward to serving your needs.



The Headquarters/Manufacturing plant of PeptiStar in Osaka, Japan consists of a state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) building and two peptide manufacturing buildings.


[Headquarters] 2-5-1 Mishima, Settsu, Osaka, Japan 566-0022
[本社] 〒566-0022 大阪府摂津市三島2-5-1

The HQ R&D Building

The HQ R&D Building consists of administrative offices, as well as R&D and analytical laboratories. The building is devoted to non-GMP manufacturing on small scale, process and analytical development, quality control, etc. PeptiStar develops robust processes that address all stages of the product lifecycle, including analytical method development, system qualification and validation.


Manufacturing Buildings 1 & 2

Manufacturing Buildings 1 & 2 are dedicated to cGMP peptide manufacturing on small to large scale. The facilities contain a wide range of manufacturing technologies (details in Technology), and can manufacture a wide variety of conventional to constrained peptides.

製造棟1および2は小スケールから大スケールまでのcGMP製造に対応します。設備は広範な製造技術に対応可能で(詳細は Technology)、一般ペプチド・特殊ペプチド含め幅広いペプチド製造に対応いたします。


From Shin-Osaka Station

Use JR Tokai Main Line and go to Senrioka Station by train.
Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Senrioka Station.

From Itami Airport

Go to Osaka Monorail Settsu Station by monorail.
Approximately 3 minute walk from Settsu Station.

[Headquarters] 2-5-1 Mishima, Settsu, Osaka, Japan 566-0022





[本社] 〒566-0022 大阪府摂津市三島2-5-1