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Opening the way to the Future of Peptide and Oligonucleotide Pharmaceuticals

Our Manufacturing Facility, the Largest Class in Japan

  • Filter Reactor (300L) and lyophilizer (500L), largest class in Japan
  • Capable of handling small sample (few mg) to large scale GMP manufacturing (several dozen Kg)

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Technology Development Garnering the Expertise of Top-Level Companies in Japan

  • Many unique and novel technologies around synthesis, purification, lyophilization and analysis garnering the expertise of top-level companies in Japan.
  • Realize significant price competitiveness with short delivery time by leveraging combination of our technologies.

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Solution Offerings Suitable to Client Needs

  • Value client communication and clients come first in all activities.
  • Capable of offering suitable solutions according to development phases, leveraging our expertise as specialists in Peptide and Oligonucleotide API manufacturing.

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Providing High-Quality Solution