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Peptide API Manufacturing Technologies

MW SPPS Method

PeptiStar is actively developing the use of microwave technology in the manufacturing of Peptide API. In order to drastically shorten chemical reaction time and suppressing required energy, we have jointly developed GMP compliant equipment with Microwave Chemical Co.,Ltd and PeptiDream Inc. This equipment enables the manufacturing of low cost and high quality Peptide API that can meet the needs of clinical trial to commercial scale use.

Wave Guide between microwave generating equipment and reaction filtration equipment

Wave Guide between microwave Generator and Filter reactor


We succeeded in scaling up the Microwave Solid Phase Synthesis equipment that was previously used at the experimental level only. Currently we have 1L, 10L and world leading 30L size equipment in operation. We use Microwave Solid Synthesis Method to manufacture and supply the market with high quality and price competitive Peptide APIs for research grade to commercial scale use.

Advantages of MW SPPS Method

  • Improved reaction speed by shortening homogeneous heating time
  • Shortened manufacturing time by shortening reaction time
  • Reduction of natural and non-natural amino acid usage