PeptiStar Inc., ペプチスター株式会社


Peptide and Oligonucleotide pharmaceuticals known as the middle-molecule pharmaceuticals have higher potency with less adverse reactions, compared to low-molecule pharmaceuticals. However, there are challenges around high manufacturing cost and control of the by-products and it is said that there are many pharmaceuticals that are not available in the market for reasons like “its efficacy is good, but manufacturing is difficult and too costly”. PeptiStar was founded with the mission to garner top level technologies developed in Japan to manufacture various middle-molecule compounds efficiently and with high quality in a state-of-the-art facility. Not only Peptide compounds that our company name originated from, but we handle a wide scope of middle-molecule compounds such as Oligonucleotides and various conjugation compounds.
The progress in the field of synthesis technology is a hot topic today. PeptiStar’s technology development initiatives cover all processes of middle-molecule pharmaceutical manufacturing, including synthesis, purification, concentration, solidification and drying. Through joint research efforts in the past, we have advanced the leading-edge technologies of each company to innovative technology level and succeeded in the practical application of numerous technologies. We pursue integrated technology innovation in API manufacturing, including equipment and facilities, by not limiting our efforts just to organic chemistry perspective, but adopting theories and technologies from a wider scope, spanning physical chemistry and chemical engineering.
Our strength also lies in our ownership of equipment that are appropriate for various manufacturing scale. We have a seamless production system that are suitable for consistent production from non-GMP sample level to commercial production level under cGMP control, enabling the manufacture of high quality and highly reliable products while resolving the challenges around scale-up. This will contribute to shortening the time to market of middle-molecule pharmaceuticals and ensures stable supply after launch. As a CDMO that is focused to proactively tackle difficult challenges, PeptiStar aims to deliver middle- molecule pharmaceuticals that were difficult in the past to patients in need and we will continuously strive to hone our skills.

President&CEO Yutaka Kameyama (Ph.D)