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STag-PS Method

STag-PS method is the next generation Peptide liquid phase synthesis method with superior economies and environmental friendliness. Since coupling reaction can be efficiently achieved even for low reactivity amino acids, this technology allows significant reduction in the use of amino acid and solvent and can produce high quality Peptides while reducing purification process workload. Additionally, the Peptides obtained with this method allows easy scale-up manufacturing with conventional reactor. Basic manufacturing processes are the same as for SPPS, therefore, equivalence of quality is easily assured and the ability to switchover to the next phase is also a big benefit.
By enhancing SEKISUI MEDICAL CO., LTD.’s STag-PS method through joint development efforts, this is an innovative technology specialized for Peptide API manufacturing. PeptiStar is exclusively using the STag-PS method for Peptide API manufacturing.

Synthesis Flow of STag-PS Method

Synthesis Flow of STag-PS method

Advantages of STag-PS Method

  • Lower raw material usage compared to SPPS
  • Possible to reduce solvent usage compared to SPPS
  • Possible to conduct synthesis while monitoring (HPLC)reaction (easier control of impurities)
  • Possible to conduct continuous coupling in one reactor (One-pot synthesis)
  • After-process involves only extraction (No need for solidification, filtration or drying)

* "STag" and "STag-PS" are trademarks or registered trademark of SEKISUI MEDICAL CO., LTD. in Japan and other countries.