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Basic policy on the proper handling of specific personal information, etc.


Basic policy on proper handling of specific personal information, etc.

In order to undertake the task of ensuring the proper handling of the personal identification numbers and other specific personal information (“Specific Personal Information”) on an organizational basis, PeptiStar Inc. (“PeptiStar”) has placed great importance on the protection of the Specific Personal Information of business contacts, employees, etc., and thus has created the “Basic policy on the proper handling of specific personal information” as follows, and ensures strict adherence to these rules.

  1. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines, etc.
    PeptiStar complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing Specific Personal Information, as well any guidelines and other rules established by the Specific Personal Information Protection Commission. PeptiStar understands the importance of protecting Specific Personal Information, and thus handles it in an appropriate manner.
  2. Safe management measures
    1. PeptiStar has established rules including but not limited to provisions for preventing the divulging, loss or damages related to Specific Personal Information, and has established a system for the safe management of Specific Personal Information.
    2. In the handling of Specific Personal Information, after obtaining approval from the business contacts, employees, etc. in question, PeptiStar selects an entrustee that is sufficiently qualified to protect said Specific Personal Information and enters into a contract with the entrustee, holding them responsible for the safe management of the information and placing them under proper oversight.
  3. Continuing improvement
    PeptiStar continues seeks to improve this basic policy and its internal company rules, etc. related to the proper protection of Specific Personal Information.
  4. Contact for inquiries
    Please contact the following address to make an inquiry regarding PeptiStar’s handling of Specific Personal Information.
    Contact information:

Effective September 25, 2018.



  1. 関係法令及びガイドライン等の遵守
  2. 安全管理措置に関する事項
    1. 当社は、特定個人情報等の漏えい、滅失又は毀損の防止等、特定個人情報等の管理のために取扱規程を定め、必要かつ適切な安全管理措置を講じます。
    2. 特定個人情報等の取扱いについて、取引先及び従業員等の許諾を得て第三者に委託する場合には、十分な特定個人情報保護の水準を備える者を選定するとともに、契約等により安全管理措置を講じるよう定めた上で、委託先に対する必要かつ適切な監督を行います。
  3. 継続的改善
  4. お問合せ窓口