PeptiStar Inc., ペプチスター株式会社


2023/06/05 Launched “LabSolutions Insight Biologics” , an
oligonucleotide sequence analysis software jointly developed
with Shimadzu Corporation.


On June 5, Shimadzu Corporation launched “LabSolutions Insight Biologics”, an
oligonucleotide sequence analysis software for the LCMS-9030 and LCMS-9050
(LCMS-Q-TOF) developed in collaboration with PeptiStar.

This product can automatically achieve everything from measurement to analysis of
oligonucleotide sequence confirmation and is designed to support the improvement
of operational efficiency in drug development by incorporating functions such as
the structural formula display of the main components, proprietary component
calculations and impurity estimation technology.

As a CDMO that will continue to actively respond to any difficult issues, PeptiStar
will continue to improve ourselves in the hope that various medium-molecule drugs
such as peptide and oligonucleotide will reach patients who need them.