PeptiStar Inc., ペプチスター株式会社

Advancing Peptide Medicines


The need for a competitive peptide CDMO競争力あるペプチドCDMOの必要性

There is a compelling market need for the presence of a peptide CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) that can deliver peptide APIs at reasonable cost.

Constrained peptides, such as macrocyclic and stapled peptides including non-natural amino acids, have garnered considerable attention as a promising new class of medicines. They have target specificities on the same level as that for antibodies, while also possessing the advantages of easier quality control and lower manufacturing costs.

ペプチド原薬を低コストで安定的に供給できるCDMO(Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)が求められています。


On the other hand, since constrained peptides have relatively complex structures and may include expensive non-natural amino acids in their structures, there remains substantial room for improvement in terms of manufacturing cost.
To accelerate the development of constrained peptide medicines and to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry, a competitive peptide CDMO is needed.


PeptiStar’s Vision, Mission and ValuesペプチスターのVision/Mission/Values

The mission of PeptiStar is to deliver innovation in peptide manufacturing. By delivering high quality peptide APIs at competitive prices, PeptiStar aims to accelerate the development of peptide medicines and contribute to the overall pharmaceutical industry.
To fulfill this vision, PeptiStar was established by a collection of partner companies, bringing together their unique advanced technologies, expertise, and capabilities to create an organization that could provide the entire peptide supply chain ranging from the procurement of amino acids to cGMP manufacturing.
PeptiStar continuously strives to leverage its accumulated expertise and technologies to deliver competitive manufacturing processes.