PeptiStar Inc., ペプチスター株式会社


PeptiStar held a completion ceremony of its headquarter plant


PeptiStar Inc. (Headquarter: Osaka, Settsu, herein PS) announced today that PS held a completion ceremony on 10th July, with many guests representing Osaka prefecture, Settsu city, customers, shareholders, constructors, and so on.
The construction of HQ R&D building was completed in last April, and the operation of HQ R&D building started in last May. And now, the construction of Manufacturing building 1&2 has been completed, and PS will conduct validation works etc. in order to start operation for its first product planned in this early October.
Manufacturing building 1&2 can cover wide array of technologies and methodologies including SPPS and LPPS, and have one of the largest facilities for microwave synthesis, purification, and lyophilization in the peptide industry.
PS strives to develop robust synthetic processes and supply high quality peptide APIs over a wide range of stages from drug discovery to commercial production.